Next Gen Clearview Mirrors

Next Gen Clearview Mirrors 

After four years in the making, Clearview released the Next Gen Clearview mirrors at the end of 2020. These telescopic towing mirrors have undergone a complete redesign. The mirrors still have the dual mirror system for which they are renowned but now they are smaller and closer to the car, ensuring better aerodynamics.  

Next Gen Clearview Mirrors offer increased breadth of vision to ensure safe driving when you’re hitched to a trailer, caravan, or boat. When you don’t need the wider view, you retract the mirror and use it as you do your original mirror.

Next Gen Clearview Mirror Features

Next Gen Clearview mirrors have all the features of their predecessors and some nice additions. The new mirrors have a power fold feature but if you’d prefer to fold it manually you can do that too. 

These mirrors extend out by 180mm ensuring that you can always see beyond the edges of your vehicle, no matter how wide it is. The total extension length from the mirror mount to the end is 531mm. The mirror features a tough stainless-steel arm with a two-stage telescopic function so you can use it fully extended, partially extended, or in the original position. 

The Next Gen Clearview Mirrors are available in black, chrome, and undercoated so that you can have them in a shade to suit your vehicle. They are smaller than the previous models creating less wind resistance. The smaller frame size also ensures that the Next Gen Clearview looks much like your original factory-installed mirror. The new mirror is 76mm closer to the car body than its predecessor. 

The top mirror is large and flat, offering optimum visibility. The smaller bottom mirror is domed. The mirrors are equipped with Cat 5 LED indicators and courtesy lights.

Installation of the New Gen Clearview Mirrors

The Nex Gen Clearview mirror is easy to install as it fits onto the original mirror mounts. These mirrors all come with plug-and-play wiring looms. 

You can adapt many of your high-tech additions like birds-eye cameras, Cat 6 LED indicators, and blind-spot monitors in your current vehicle to your new mirrors and the Next Gen Clearview mirrors will have the same functionality.