LED Light Bars

LED Light Bars Australia

Great quality LED Light Bars delivered Australia wide including Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. Order online from Canyon Offroad today.

Led Light Bars

When you are off-roading or driving at night, high output led light bars will ensure you always have maximum visibility.

Being able to see clearly will allow you to drive more safely when you are navigating turns and bends, and when obstacles such as road debris or animals crop up unexpectedly.

Install led light bars to your roof, bull bar or anywhere you can fit a bracket.

At Canyon Off-road, we stock high quality led light bars that will provide you with significant levels of illumination the next time you are out and about.

Our Range of Led Light Bars

Canyon Off-road sells led light bars from Lazer Lamps, one of the leaders in automotive lighting, and a brand known for providing LED lighting with long-range visibility for road and off-road use.

We stock Lazer Lamps’ Linear range of led light bars in both standard and elite grades. These led light bars are cost-effective and have a wide beam pattern to ensure exceptional lighting for everyday driving. With a slimline design, these will look sleek and stylish attached to your 4x4 vehicle.

The ST and T Evolution range of led light bars from Lazer Lamps are ideal for rural road and off-road use. These high performance led light bars provide a ‘drive’ beam pattern and a contemporary design that will enhance the appearance of your vehicle.

Lazer Lamps led light bars have been designed to withstand harsh driving conditions, and come with a 5 year warranty.

Led Light Bars & Other Accessories

At Canyon Off-road, we sell high performance products to suit avid off-roaders and people who enjoy the great outdoors. We know our customers are seeking simple performance solutions, which is why our led light bars and other products are simple to use and install.

Visit our website and browse our selection of led light bars and other products, including off-road performance parts and accessories, camping gear, rooftop tents and awnings, 4WD recovery kits, seat covers, and more.

Get in touch with the team of performance experts at Canyon Off-road today to find out more about our led light bars and other products.