Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series (2017-2025)  GXL MSA Seatcovers
Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series (2017-2025)  GXL MSA Seatcovers
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series (2017-2025)  GXL MSA Seatcovers
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series (2017-2025)  GXL MSA Seatcovers

Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series (2017-2025) GXL MSA Seatcovers

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Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series (2017-2025) GXL MSA Seatcovers

Please check the fitment years and cab details below, if you have any doubts please discuss with the sales team BEFORE purchasing.
Fitment Years: 10/17 - Current
Fitment Detail: GXL



When Only The Best Will Do

MSA 4X4 has created a canvas seat cover that is durable enough to withstand life’s adventures, yet still soft enough to be comfortable for the occupants.

The best fitting canvas seat covers available for a 4wd, guaranteeing touring comfort. Complete with a fully integrated, and adjustable air lumbar support*. Manufactured from heavy duty Teflon impregnated polycotton blend, 12oz canvas with reinforced high wear areas. (Polycotton protective layer, and additional canvas layer to high wear areas). Making them 100% water, dirt, mud, kid and pet proof. Large rear pockets, centre console and headrest covers as standard.

Fully airbag compliant and ADR certified. Ensuring the factory airbags will deploy the way the manufacturers intended, by no more than one-thousandth of a second. When it comes to airbags and safety, everything must deploy at the same time.

*Only available in select models
Patent Number: 2014 2928 10B2


Don’t compromise on quality or safety when it comes to Seat Covers

Vehicles of today are more technologically advanced than ever before, which means that even the humble seat cover must be designed to work in perfect harmony with the vehicle.

When it comes to airbags and safety, everything must deploy at the same time, to one thousandth of a second accuracy.

If a seat cover obstructs an airbag from deploying as intended, serious injury to the vehicles occupant(s), and compromising of an insurance policy may result.
MSA 4X4 Canvas Seat Covers are FULLY Airbag Compliant and ADR certified.

Through the airbag deployment testing program they were shown to not impede the factory airbags from deploying as the manufacturer intended.

MSA 4X4 Accessories do not just make seat covers, we engineer them.
Years of design, development and manufacturing knowledge go into every MSA 4X4 Canvas Seat Cover.

Ensuring they work in perfect harmony with the vehicle’s safety features, ensuring protection of the vehicle occupants, while creating a stylish, timeless look.

  • Fully Airbag Compliant
  • ADR Certified
  • Integrated Lumber Support*
  • Tight and secure fit
  • 12oz specially manufactured Polycotton blend canvas
  • Reinforced high wear areas for longevity
  • Polycotton lined for maximum protection of the original vehicle seats
  • Large rear pockets and head rest covers as standard

Certified ADR Compliant!

Full crash testing completed.



Tested again, for your safety!

Polycotton Lined

For maximum protection of your car seats, providing a complete barrier between the canvas and your soft factory seat.

Guaranteed not to move or crease!

The specifically designed heavy duty Polyester & Cotton Blend canvas delivers maximum comfort & durability for 4WD touring.


Product Care & Washing Instructions

Key Takeaways

  • DO NOT machine wash
  • DO NOT scrub
  • DO NOT apply detergent to clean


The service life of MSA 4X4 Canvas products will be long and trouble free by following these simple care instructions. The canvas used in the manufacture of MSA 4X4 Accessories canvas products are of a premium blend of polyester and cotton. Cotton for a natural feel and polyester for strength and longevity.

BRUSH loose dirt off with a soft brush.
WIPE with a microfibre cloth or sponge and warm water in a circular motion.
REMOVE excess water with chamois then allow to dry naturally.
REMOVE deposits of organic matter such as soil, grass or bird droppings from the canvas as soon as convenient.
DO NOT apply soaps, detergents, bleaches, cleaning fluids or insecticides to the canvas as these will remove the waterproofing and will affect the dye.
DO NOT machine wash. (never machine wash any good quality canvas as it will destroy its waterproofing treatment).
DO NOT allow petrol, diesel, oil, kerosene or other similar fluids to come into contact with the canvas.
DO NOT scrub the canvas as excessive scrubbing will also remove the waterproofing treatment.

Lead Time & Shipping Policy

Please note these covers are made to order (MTO) if marked so. In general the lead time is 4-6 from order to dispatch.

Shipping times ontop of this.