Mazda BT-50 (2016-2020) 3.2L Manta Exhaust

Mazda BT-50 (2016-2020) 3.2L Manta Exhaust

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Mazda BT50 (2016-2020) 3.2L Manta Exhaust

Are you wanting to upgrade the sounds and performance of your BT-50? An exhaust is one of the best ways to improve the sound, and transform the driving experience of your vehicle.

This high quality, Australian made 3 inch Manta exhaust system for the BT-50 replaces the entire factory exhaust system, including the dump pipe off the turbo.
It gives some good gains, particularly bringing the turbo boost in much earlier, adding responsiveness down low in the rev range.

The system is available with a large straight-through muffler, which keeps the exhaust noise level close to the factory levels, with no annoying drone inside the cab.
We've also got other options to give you more noise, including hotdog and pipe-only options for a much louder note.

The mandrel bends and straight through mufflers on our BT-50 exhaust system ensure the highest possible flow, and along with that comes maximum performance and fuel economy.

Choose from your choice of materials, being aluminized steel, or 409 grade stainless steel.


  • Choice of materials - Aluminized (mild) steel or 409 grade stainless steel
  • Available with muffler, resonator or straight through
  • 3" mandrel bends
  • High-flowing design but no drone when configured with resonator or muffler
  • High quality system with bolt on fitment
  • Gaskets and bolts included

These are a proven design producing doing great power, and providing easy fit on the Mazda BT-50 3.2


  • BT50 3.2L DPF Back (2015-2020) : MKMA0009
  • BT50 DPF 3.2L WITHOUT CAT MF (2015-2020) : MKMA0007
  • BT50 3.2L DPF Delete ONLY Wo/Cat - 2016 Onwards (2015-2020) : MKMA0010
  • BT50 3.2L DPF Delete ONLY W/Cat - 2016 Onwards (2015-2020) : MKMA0011
  • BT50 DPF 3.2L WITH CAT MF (2015-2020) : MKMA0008
  • BT50 3.2L DPF Back (2015-2020) : SSMKMA0009
  • BT50 DPF 3.2L WITHOUT CAT MF (2015-2020) : SSMKMA0007
  • BT50 3.2L DPF Delete ONLY Wo/Cat - 2016 Onwards (2015-2020) : SSMKMA0010
  • BT50 3.2L DPF Delete ONLY W/Cat - 2016 Onwards (2015-2020) : SSMKMA0011
  • BT50 DPF 3.2L WITH CAT MF (2015-2020) : SSMKMA0008
  • Notes:


      Pairing perfectly with this exhaust system, nothing achieves better bang-for-buck than tuning your car to suit your new exhaust!

      The PPD Performance Remapper is the most convenient remote custom tuning solution on the market, allowing you to load one of our tunes without any specialised equipment, all from the convenience of your own home!

      Using the Remapper we can provide you with a tune which will optimise the engine to take advantage of the extra airflow provided by your new exhaust system. In addition, where requested we are able to disable DPF / EGR functionality on the vehicle (not road legal).

      These tuning setups combined with an exhaust provide HUGE performance benefits on turbo diesels!