Original Clearview Mirrors

Canyon Offroad are trusted suppliers of Original Clearview Mirrors for your vehicle. These products are totally versatile mirrors that are available for various types of vehicles. Replacement towing mirrors are necessary for those blind spots that are obscured when carrying a bulky load.

The excellent design of these mirrors allows for easy manoeuvring and easy installation. You won’t miss your old mirrors once you have these fully extendable mirrors that enhance your driving visuals. 

With a 3-year warranty, Original Clearview Mirrors are protected should they break or not work correctly.

What Are the Advantages Of Original Clearview Mirrors?

Purchasing Original Clearview Mirrors for your vehicle is a competitive advantage for your towing needs. This is how having Original Clearview Mirrors benefits your vehicle:

  • Larger side mirrors – Clearview Mirrors have approximately 100mm of outwards reach, giving you a better sight range for those more difficult spots.
  • Mirrors fold up – These towing mirrors are made to manually fold outwards or inwards. When you bump up against objects, these flexibly designed mirrors fold up to protect the inside.
  • Easy to install – Original Clearview Mirrors replace standard mirrors on your vehicle without complication. Installation can be taken care of in no time using easy-to-follow instructions.
  • Durable and stable – Made from diecast aluminium Clearview Mirrors are made to withstand some of the wort conditions. Once installed correctly, they remain stable through the roughest terrain.
  • Small convex mirror – Original Clearview Mirrors eliminate blind spots with the small convex mirrors. You will likely see much more with the mirrors when towing bulky loads. These mirrors are excellent safe driving aids that reduce the chance of accidents with their mirror technology.
  • High safety standards – Each mirror is tested and inspected to meet quality standards. 

If you regularly tow loads with your vehicle, investing in Original Clearview Mirrors will make your task much more manageable. These mirrors save drivers the hassle of overextending themselves to ensure you don’t bump into anything.

We have a wide range of Original Clearview Mirrors to make your driving safer. Visit our online store today or contact us directly for more information on our product range.