Compact Clearview Mirrors

When you need a towing mirror that works well for smaller cars, Compact Clearview Mirrors are the answer. These exceptionally designed mirrors are so versatile that they extend only when you need them to and slide back in for everyday use.

Clearview Mirrors are full replacement towing mirrors that replace your existing side mirrors with no additional cutouts, fittings and wiring. Don’t be deceived by their petite look. These mirrors are made to be durable and can handle any conditions.

Your Compact Clearview Mirrors come with a telescopic 2-stage slide-out extension and has a 36-month product warranty.

What Are the Advantages of Compact Clearview Mirrors?

If you’re not towing regularly and instead use your vehicle as an everyday car, Compact Clearview Mirror will suit your car better. Here’s how Compact Clearview Mirrors work best for smaller cars:

  • Small mirror – These petite mirrors are perfectly suitable for smaller vehicles but have the added advantage of extending into towing mirrors.
  • Three arm positions – The extendibility of Compact Clearview Mirrors can deploy in three stages: normal driving position (not extended), first towing position (partially extended) and extended towing position (fully extended). The total length of extension of these mirrors measures 271mm.
  • Easy to install – Compact Clearview Mirrors easily replace standard mirrors on your vehicle. There is no need for drilling or new fittings. The mirror fits in exactly where your old ones were.
  • Sturdy arm – The telescopic arms are manufactured from steel, making them able to withstand heavy winds whether extended or not.
  • High safety standards – All mirrors are tested and inspected to ensure that they meet quality and safety standards.

Compact Clearview Mirrors are designed to suit cars that won’t be able to handle the bulky look of other mirrors. Having these mirrors will benefit your driving whether you’re towing or not. You never know when you may need that extra visibility to negotiate your driving conditions.

We have a large selection of Compact Clearview Mirrors in stock. No matter the make and model of your car, we have what you need.  So contact us or take a look at our online store today!