Why Are Rooftop Tents So Popular

Why Are Rooftop Tents So Popular?

Rooftop tents have been around for many years. But why are rooftop tents so popular today? Over the years, rooftop tents have improved incredibly. What was once considered a luxury to the average camper has now become more attainable.

7 Reasons Why Rooftop Tents Are So Popular

These tents are an incredible and excellent addition to any camper arsenal. Their convenience and versatility are by far not the only reason they are so popular. Why are rooftop tents so popular? Well, this can also be because of the following:

  • Faster to set up and pack: Ground tents can be difficult to erect since they frequently have inner and outer tents that need setting up. With a good rooftop tent, you can only imagine the time and energy you're saving. The easy-to-use tents usually only take a few seconds to open and a couple more to close.
  • Floodproof: Since rooftop tents are installed quite high on top of your car, there is little chance of flooding in the middle of the night after heavy rain.
  • Better views: Due to its elevated location on top of your vehicle, rooftop tent views are far better than those from a tent or campervan.
  • Warmer inside: Heat doesn't escape from decent rooftop tents as rapidly as it does from conventional tents since the canvas is thicker and the fibreglass/ABS shell is harder. As a result, you should stay warm at night.
  • More storage: Rooftop tents offer more storage space than regular tents because you may keep your belongings there even when the roof tent is closed. You can carry extra bedding and still keep your storage space in your vehicle.
  • Stronger and more durable: Rooftop tents are made from more durable canvas than regular tents, and hard-shell versions have a stronger framework. So when it's windy and storming outside, the tent is leakproof and quieter on the inside.
  • More camping options: With rooftop tents, you have more flexibility to set up camp anywhere because, unlike tents, you don't require a big, dry, flat surface.

Now that you know the answer to ‘why are rooftop tents so popular?', maybe it's time to invest in one. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced camper, having a comfortable place to sleep in the wilderness is much more rewarding, and Canyon Offroad has what you're looking for. Contact us today.