How Do Roof Top Tents Mount

How Do Rooftop Tents Mount?

Do you want to know the answer to “how do rooftop tents mount?”. Gone are the days when the only option for camping was a tent on the cold, hard ground. Now campers are moving up and camping on the roof of their vehicles. As traditional camping has gone out the window for some campers, their camping needs have too.

Mounting a tent on a rooftop is much different from the norm and does require a few accessories to get it right.


How To Mount A Rooftop Tent?

Mounting a rooftop tent essentially has two steps, but this may differ based on the tent you purchase. The two basic steps would be:

  1. Slide the tent onto your vehicle's roof rack and into position.
  2. Use the mounting hardware provided to secure the tent.

Sounds simple enough, but some prep work needs to go in before mounting your tent. Take these tips into account when considering 'how do rooftop tents mount?':

  • Look at your vehicle's specifications to determine how much it can carry on its roof, and then find a tent with the appropriate weight.
  • Decide if you want a soft tent or a hard shell tent.
  • Find a suitable roof rack. You can't mount your tent without one. A roof rack offers your tent stability and gives you somewhere to secure the tent. Canyon Offroad soft and hard shell rooftop tents are offered in packages that include everything you need for a relaxing camping trip.
  • Examine your vehicle's roof before purchasing a roof rack so you can determine what kind of rack you require.
  • Ensure you have all the correct brackets (most tents and roof racks come with them) and tools to secure the roof rack and the tent. This is for your own safety. If your roof rack and tent are not appropriately secured, you risk falling off and injuring yourself.


The Solution to ‘How Do Rooftop Tents Mount’?

At Canyon Offroad, you will find everything you need to figure out the answer to “how do rooftop tents mount?”. All our tents, roof racks and accessories come with comprehensive instructions to get your next camping trip in gear.