Manta Exhaust 79 Series

Manta Exhaust 79 Series

If you need an upgrade to the performance of your LandCruiser, then the Manta exhaust 79 series is a great solution for your vehicle.

At Canyon Offroad, we stock high quality Manta exhaust 79 series products. Our online store has a wide selection of Manta exhausts for the LandCruiser 79 series to choose from.

The Manta exhaust 79 series for the LandCruiser completely replaces the factory exhaust system, enhancing your LandCruiser's look, feel and sound.

When you replace the standard exhaust with a 3′′ version Manta Exhaust 79 series, you are sure to experience a number of advantages. These advantages include increased peak power and torque, reduced turbo lag, lower fuel consumption and improved responsiveness.

Toyota Landcruiser 79 Series 3.5" Manta Air Ram Head (Fits OEM Snorkel) (SKU: MAR0001)
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Why Should You Change to a Manta Exhaust 79 Series?

You should change to a Manta Exhaust 79 series for several reasons. These include: 

  • Increase the lifespan of exhaust – Stock exhaust systems can deteriorate quickly and may need to be repaired on a regular basis. Quality aftermarket exhausts are usually more durable, meaning you can potentially avoid expensive repairs.
  • Improve the appearance of the car – The Manta exhaust 79 series improves your LandCruiser's performance and aesthetics. To give your car an instant makeover, the manufacturers use high-quality materials such as stainless steel and aluminised steel.
  • Improve the engine performance – An aftermarket exhaust boosts the overall performance of an engine. A Manta exhaust 79 series upgrade allows more airflow through the pipe, thus increasing engine output.
  • Better fuel economy – Due to its impact on engine performance, upgrading the exhaust on a LandCruiser 79 Series improves fuel consumption. If your vehicle currently has poor fuel efficiency, this is one of the best ways to improve it.
  • Changes the car sound – Depending on the exhaust modification you use, you can change your vehicle’s sound to a moderate or aggressive one.

If any of the above is what you are looking for in your LandCruiser 79 series, you should consider investing in one of our Manta exhaust 79 series products.

Take a look at our range of Manta exhaust 79 series in our online shop today, and if you’re not sure what the best solution is for your vehicle, simply contact one of our expert team members.