Manta Exhaust 200 Series

Manta Exhaust 200 Series for LandCruisers

The Toyota LandCruiser is the perfect off-road vehicle, with luxury interiors and off-road power. Still, you may wish that your car had just that little more oomph and growl, and you can make it happen with our Manta exhaust 200 series.

Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series (2007-2021) 3.5" Manta Air Ram Head (Fits OEM GX Snorkel) (SKU: MAR0001)
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Manta Exhaust 200 Series for Ultimate Performance 

Upgrade your Toyota LandCruiser with a Manta exhaust 200 series and enjoy the powerful rumble of performance efficiency. Manta after-market exhaust systems have been created by Australia’s premier exhaust manufacturer. The superior airflow front to back optimises the air and fuel mix in the combustion chamber, giving your vehicle extra power.

Your factory-installed exhaust system is typically functional for everyday driving but it won’t have quite the pull of the Manta system. 

When you replace your factory-fitted system with a high-performance Manta exhaust 200 series, you can expect performance improvements of as much as 15%. 

Manta ensures superior airflow through mandrel bends, ensuring that there is no narrowing of the exhaust pipe along the curves. Unlike many other exhaust systems, the pipe diameter in a Manta exhaust system remains uncompromised front to back improving vehicle performance and efficiency.  

Invest in an Leading Australian Brand  

Manta has produced world-class exhaust systems in Australia since 1974. Along the way, the company has become the leading manufacturer of performance exhaust systems in the country. Manta produces the most extensive range of power exhausts in Australia, among them the Manta exhaust 200 series for the Toyota LandCruiser.

The Manta commitment to fitment precision and exhaust performance shines through in a product that will take your LandCruiser to a performance level that you can feel and hear.

The Manta Exhaust 200 Series is Built to Last

Built for Australian conditions, the Manta exhaust 200 series can withstand the rigours of the outback. The flanges are laser cut ensuring that the Manta 200 series exhaust system is secure yet easy to install. 

Manta covers their stainless-steel exhaust system with a ten-year warranty so you can expect years of service when you install a Manta exhaust 200 series. 

If you have any questions about the best exhaust solution for your needs, simply get in contact with our expert team today.