Ironman 4x4 Suspension

Ironman Suspension kits

Suspension is one of the most important upgrades you will make to your vehicle, which is why Canyon Off-road sells high quality Ironman 4x4 suspension kits to suit a range of makes and models. 

Ironman 4x4 suspension kits and products are designed in Australia and are known for offering value for money and quality design, which is why you can rely on them for optimal performance accessories and solutions. 

One of our Ironman 4x4 suspension kits will help make sure your vehicle is up to the challenge the next time you push it to the limit. When you are towing a trailer or caravan, or tackling tricky off-road conditions, an Ironman 4x4 upgrade will give your vehicle the power boost it needs to cope with the additional strain. 

A heavy load will change the way your vehicle handles, which is why your springs need to match the load. Ironman suspension kits have a range of springs to match these extra loads, creating safer driving conditions and better handling capability. 

World Class Ironman 4x4 Suspension kits

Canyon Off-road has a selection of Ironman 4x4 suspension kits and accessories designed to suit your suspension needs. The Ironman range covers all terrains from easy to adventurous, and demanding. We stock Ironman suspension kits including Nitro Gas, Foam Cell and Foam Cell Pro. 

If you aren’t sure which one of our Ironman suspension kits is right for you, contact Canyon Off-road. We can help you select the best shock absorbers by discussing the type of terrain you intend to travel, your preferred ride style and the amount of load on your vehicle.

Our Ironman 4x4 suspension kits come with everything you need to upgrade the suspension in your vehicle. 

We also stock Ironman 4x4 accessories to enhance your driving experience. If you’ve lifted your vehicle, you might want to add a set of Ironman 4x4 Pro-Forge upper control arms. This upgrade will allow you to fit larger tyres, as well as correct any clearance issues. 

Quality Ironman Suspension Kits

At Canyon Off-road, we sell Ironman 4x4 suspension kits and other accessories to ensure you get the best performance from your modified vehicle. If you want to upgrade your vehicle with one of our Ironman suspension kits, contact us today.