7 Inch X Factor Plus Comp Coil Over Stretch Long Arm Lift Kit

$4,499.00 $4,399.00


  • Fits 1987 to 1995 Jeep YJ Wrangler
  • Pushes axle back 8-9″
  • Front coil over conversion
  • Rear coil conversion
  • Triangulated rear 4-link
  • Revolutionary independent three link front end
  • High clearance lower control arms
  • Shocks not included
  • Made in the USA
  • Max Tire


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Part Number: RKSYJ93001

Finally, a great balance of value and performance for Wrangler YJ owners that want to stretch their Jeep. The new Rock Krawler Comp 7S provides the ultimate in performance with a coil over front conversion, combined with a great value in the rear, with a stretched coil conversion. The front end of the system is unique in several ways. The control arms attach on the top side of the axle with the torque arm attaching on the bottom of the pinion side assuring a high clearance front end arrangement. The track bar and drag link relationship is perfect for OEM steering geometry ensuring excellent on-road manners. We also push the front end forward approximately 2 inches to allow ample clearance for 37 Inch tires even with the small YJ front wheel wells. The front suspension is controlled with massive 27 inch fully extended, 2.0, dual rate coil over shocks! In the middle Rock Krawler provides a very unique 3 piece skid plate mounting system made from ¼ inch thick laser cut steel that provides a perfectly smooth bottom to the center of your YJ. The skid plate frame rails attach to the top and bottom of the frame improving the frames structural integrity versus drilling through the side of the frame weakening the frame itself. In the rear Rock Krawler provides a triangulated 4 Link rear system with high clearance lower control arms made from 2 Inch solid alloy steel. The rear axle is pushed back 8 to 9 inches for an improved wheel base. This will greatly enhance the off-road vertical climbing ability and on high way ride quality of your YJ. Your angle of departure will also be significantly enhanced. The instant centers are perfect, providing just enough anti-squat geometry while maintaining excellent on road manners. The weld on rear axle truss and tie in plate ads a tremendous amount of structure to the rear axle housing as well as provide a solid mounting position for the rear upper arms. The rear is completed with a coil conversion versus coil over shocks. This is a great value that far out performs standard leaf springs. The multi-link rear suspension ensures no axle wrap can occur! The complete system is backed by the Rock Krawler abuse proof lifetime warranty on all hard parts!

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Weight 150 lbs