In August of 2010 we began to serve the 4 wheel drive marketplace. Prior to that, we participated with many clubs and individuals in the development of their vehicles either at their house or ours. As interest and our expertise grew, it became clear that there was a need., and Canyon Offroad was invented.

Jayson LaFrance leads the team here at Canyon Offroad. His father, and his Grandfather were Scout owners. In the early 1960s Jayson’s Grandfather had the only Scout running around France, as he was stationed there with the US Air Force. So we have a special spot in our heart for the Internationals.

As our expertise grew, so did the knowledge of various vehicles. Today, we offer expertise in all Jeep models, Land Cruisers, International Scouts and most 4 wheel drive platforms.

We invite you to contact us to discuss your requirements and we look forward to hearing from you.